Nov 18th thru the 22nd...-Mon to Fri...Lets Get Creative Epoxy Class
Lets get creative means just that!!! This will be a super fun class. It will involve learning 4 new techniques in one class. We will teach you Dirty Pour, Hydro Dip, Marble and Alcohol Inks. The class will run 5 days. Beginning at 7pm. Each class will run at least an hour each day. You need to plan to attend each day.  Each class provides everything you need to make the cup EXCEPT YOUR DECAL and SPRAY PAINT. Stop by anytime before class to pick up your cups to paint them at home. Each class participant should paint their cup white for alcohol inks before class begins Monday night. The cost of the class is 100.00. You will be receiving 4--22oz cups for this class. This class is LIMITED to 6 people.
All classes must be paid in full no later than 5 days prior to the start date.

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