Curved Door Handle Puller Opener Mold

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This is a mold to make a door handle opener. Grip the T bar and you can use it to pull doors open without touching the door handle, avoiding any germs that may be on the handle.


This mold is created by us at Color Me Wick Street. We create the image with a 3D printer, then melt it smooth. It is placed on wood material to create a sturdy base for multiple uses. Each pour takes 12 hours to cure. While processing we do our best to keep everything clean. Occasionally, there may be specs of glitter or wood from the board in the mold.  It will not hinder the mold or creation process. These are not made in a factory, they are made in our shop. We do our very best to make you awesome molds!!  It may take us a couple of days to get it ready since we pour our own molds. Curved door opener is nearly 3" wide by 2" tall.  Mold includes two door openers.