Indicolite  Chameleon Mica

Indicolite Chameleon Mica

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This chameleon blue is best used on a black background. It shifts from one shade of blue to another. 

✿Each color 5g. It’s a natural grindstone and widely used for handmade candle and soap making colorant as well as bath bomb dye, handmade soap dye, nail, and slime pigment. 

✿RESIN PIGMENT POWDER: This epoxy resin dye kit contains colorful mica powder which can easily mix with the clear epoxy resin, the finished crafts will have a charming look.

✿BOTTLED PIGMENT POWDER: the mica powder is bottled packaged which easy to use and wash clean, natural also organic, very popular for nail pigment powder set, eye shadow, blush and lipstick.