5 Position Multi Cup Turner

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Yes, your eyes are NOT deceiving you! It's a brand new Multi Cup Turner from Wick Street Vinyl!

This turner will spin 5 cups at once, and let you have 5 cups drying on the rack above. The new turners are a little taller so you can turn coffee cups with handles on them. Also, the front support now has metal bearings for the pipe to roll on. NO MORE SQUEAKS.

5 waterproof/epoxyproof power switches will let you turn on each motor individually. The top of the turner hinges open in case you need to do any repairs or if you want to hide snacks inside from prying eyes. (Not recommended for snack hiding). Has a 6 foot power cord to give you more options in where you place it.

Comes with 10 footballs - 5 small and 5 large.