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In-Store shopping is BACK! 11a-7pm Mon thru Fri, 12p-5p Sat --- See you soon!
In-Store shopping is BACK! 11a-7pm Mon thru Fri, 12p-5p Sat --- See you soon!

Aurora Color Shifting Woven HTV

Color: Light Blue

Get swept away by the color shifting surrealness of Aurora™ HTV! Aurora is a shimmering HTV that appears to change color when viewed at different angles— similar to our Holographic Pearl colors. What sets Aurora apart is a “woven” finish that makes the material appear textured while still feeling smooth. In addition to offering color shifting properties and a textured look, Aurora can also be layered with other layerable materials such as EasyWeed®, Sparkle™, and StripFlock® Pro! Additionally, thanks to an opaque adhesive, Aurora colors retain their hues on both light and dark fabrics. Aurora is CPSIA certified and safe for children’s clothing.

For most cuts, the speed should be around 60, but it should be decreased to 30 for smaller and more intricate designs (under 5 in). If the blade drags or "picks at" the vinyl with small designs, the speed should be decreased further. 

Here are some other tips for using Siser Aurora HTV:
  • Load the material onto the print and cut system as designated by the printer manufacturer.
  • Give the color print Aurora a little bit of slack when feeding it through the printer.
  • Weed out excess material after finishing the print.
  • Peel the color print Aurora directly off of the carrier sheet if the design is a simple contour.
  • Use TTD high-tech mask to transfer the design if the design has multiple cavities.
  • Apply the color print Aurora at 305° F for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Peel cold.
  • Use medium pressure.
  • Cut in reverse.
  • Wait 24 hours before the first wash

Each piece is 12" x 12"